How come a picture that I took years ago appeared on my digital camera after it got wet?

by on October 27, 2012

Q: I have a polaroid i737 it’s old. has no memory card so each time i download photos and vidio onto my pc I deleat them from camera. I got the camera Christmas of 06 and have used it a lot. Recently it got slightly wet and stoped working but after 2 or 3 weeks started working again. I took 2 photos of my dog today and wanted to take a photo of a plant but it said memory full. I always deleat everything but though maybe I had some how forgoten and went to download what was on it. There was only 1 photo to be downloaded and wen I looked it was a phoro of another dog I had taken a pic of New years of 07 . She is dead now and the plant i was going to photograph was going on her grave. The 2 photos of my new dog were not even on it and i know I took them and it showed them to me on the screen when i did. That was strange but it was actualy much stranger because of other things that happened I will not go into. My question is my camera has no memory card and i deleated it hundreads of times over the years how did it somehow save that photo just today and then just as suddenly deleat it without me deleating it. It did that as well. I did not deleat the photo and took photo s of the plant then when downlading again I seen the 07 pic was now gone again.