How can I get my laptop working again when it keeps getting a blue screen?

by on October 31, 2012

Q: So.. I suspect that my laptop is filled on with Vira.
I get BSOD through 3 things:
1. Trying to format by booting from a windows cd
2. Update any outdated drivers
3. Update windows through windows update


My screen suddenly fucked up and went 0.0000001 FPS and therefore I forced a reboot. After that, I couldnt turn on my computer without it having a total black screen. I later, after countless of research, I figured that I had to unplug my charger to my laptop. remove my battery and then hold the turn on bottom on, to discharge any kind of battery inside my motherboard. It worked and I could see the windows again.
When I logged on afterwards, my computer behaved quite odd, and began to disable my antivirus-programs (AVG and malwyrebyte), eat programs bit by bit (at least I couldnt open League of Legends at some point) so I tried to format my computer.

I went to my cousin and asked if he could do it, cause he had a windows XP and windows 7 avaliable for me for loan (i have a product-key for W7), and he installed another windows 7 for me. Apparently he just installed it while my explorer was open, and therefore didnt go through the normal process (boot from cd) cause that windows 7 was on a usb. The new windows 7 still had the same problem as the previous, so I asked him to try use the windows xp cd, boot and format everything before installing.

When we tried that, BSOD appeared BEFORE you go through the participation part. In other words, it initliazed the files, and then went to blue screen of death.

Since I have no clue about computers, I asked my friends about it, and they asked me which error code was up. I said no error codes appeared, and they didnt believe me, so I went on skype through my phone and showed them the whole process. Apparently the errorcode was 0x0000007b. They looked it up for me, and said some fancy stuff but in the end, we didnt figure much out.

I think what started this was that AVG asked me if I wanted to try another of their programs (cant remember or find what it’s called) but it’s function was to delete unnecessary DLL files, defragmentate and 2 other things. I tried it, and 5min. later hell broke loose (hence the start)

When I update my drivers or windows i get 0x0000003b error code.

My laptop is a Lenovo W500
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T 9600 @ 2.80Ghz 2.80Ghz
4GB ram
64bit operate system (Original (or previous) was 32bit)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
Disk Drives: ST9160412AS ATA Device

I’m helpless and Dont know what else information I should give. Ask away and save me please! ..

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    Go through a proper Windows 7 installation, but this time boot from CD/USB and do a ‘custom/full’ install where the harddrive is completely formatted before the windows installation.


    So… I’ve managed to get an USB, with windows 7 64 bit on. Obviously it’s set to be able to install when booting from USB. It’s all formatted and I thought the problem would be solved.
    Now I notice that my graphic driver is not starting (device manager). I get an error code 10 when I look within the properties, and when I try to update windows update, it will just restart and nothing have been installed.
    If I update the graphic driver from windows or from the catalyst, it will give me a bluescreen.

    Is my graphic card dead? o.O

    Else I can use it normally with surfing, watch videos etc with no lag at all. Im just not able to game as Graphic driver is not starting and I cannot install DirectX (any versions) – I assume it’s due to the lack of graphic driver?