Why does guild wars 2 make strange noises?

by on November 1, 2012

Q: when im playing guild wars 2 my pc makes some strange noise. strange thing is that if i alt tab to desktop it stops, but if i go back to game it starts again. maybe someone knows what could be wrong?

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    It’s probably just a fan in your PC that is starting to go bad or at least not run as quietly as it should at higher speeds.

    You can run your computer with the side panel off to help figure out which fan is making the noise. Once you know which fan is causing the problem, go ahead and replace it!


      its not fans i checked it before posting this question? im 100% its not fans and it only appears when playing gw2


    If you can describe the sound, AND identify which component inside the computer the sound is coming from, I might be able to offer a suggestion.

    Otherwise, if you feel this noise is of significant concern, take your computer to a local repair shop.