How come a site called profile engine has information about me?

by on November 2, 2012

Q: I used to have a Facebook, and I never really used it for much…I just got on every now and then to play games, and if someone sent me a friend request and I knew who they were or a recognized them I would add them. But I never talked to anyone. It became a huge waste of time so I deleted it. Last night I was bored and messing around on the internet and I found my entire Facebook profile on this website called Profile Engine, even though I deleted it over a year ago. But, not only is all my crap up there, half of it is wrong. Like…it has groups and stuff that it says I was part of that I was never part of or had anything to do with. Like I have no idea what “Jaywalk for Jesus” is and it also says that I was part of a Megan Fox fanclub and I think she’s gross. So wtf? I thought I had gotten rid of my Facebook and now it’s all on there. Does this mean people can contact me still? I never get emails from it or anything like that, so I wouldn’t think they would be able to. But what’s going on?

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    Profile Engine is a search engine, so at some point they’ve attempted to index data on your facebook page that was publicily available. Odds are the other information was pulled from other profiles and add to their incomplete and inaccurate copy of publicily available information.

    Note that Profile Engine is completely seperate from Facebook, and you’re far from the only person that dislikes the Profile Engine website. See the answer on this page for some information and suggestions about seeing if profile information will actually remove that information.