How can I get my documents off my laptop that does not work anymore?

by on November 4, 2012

Q: My hard drive crashed on my Windows Vista laptop(Computer A) and I had it looked at but was told nothing could be done. I started playing with it and restored it to its factory settings and it started working again. My other computer, a Windows 7 Laptop (Computer B) has a broken screen and we have been connecting it to an old monitor we have. Now, Computer B is not working and I have important documents that I need on the computer. My question is, how can I connect computer B to computer A so I can get those documents back. The old laptop seems unresponsive. It turns on but it isn’t making a sound and trying to connect it to the monitor I usually use isn’t working. I know the monitor is working because I hooked it up with computer A. I know this is alot and maybe confusing, but I am afraid that computer A might break down again! I need the documents at least printed out.

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    Recovering files from your “laptop B” is totally dependent on what exactly is wrong with it. If the harddrive has totally failed then you’re probably out of luck.

    If there is some other type of hardware problem then the hard drive can probably be removed, hooked up to another computer and get the files copied over. I’d suggest checking with a good local computer repair shop.

    In the future, I suggest keeping some backups of important files. A service like Dropbox is a great option: