How come I get 404 errors when trying to access google?

by on November 14, 2012

Q: I am unable to access any google home page. I am getting nothing but an error message in chinese. Translated it says:

The page cannot be foundThe page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.Please try the following:Ensure that the Web site address displayed in the browser’s address bar is correct spelling and format.If you click on the link and arrived at this page, please contact the Web site administrator notifying them that the link is incorrectly formatted.Click the back button to try another link.HTTP error 404-file or directory not found.Internet Information Services (IIS)Technical information (for support personnel)Go to the Microsoft product support services and search for include “HTTP” and “404” title.Open “IIS Help” (in IIS Manager (inetmgr) access), and then search for the title “site settings”, “General administrative tasks” and “custom error messages” topic

I am in CA. I know that China blocked Google recently. I’m not sure if maybe I’m hitting a proxy over there or something?

HELP! I want my Google back!

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    Do you mean CA as in California?

    Have you checked your proxy settings? Open Internet Explorer, Tools> Internet Options> Connections> Lan Settings

    Assuming you’re at home you shouldn’t have any proxy stuff set at all. That should help.

    If there is some kind of weird proxy setting in there, once that is cleared out I’d suggest doing a system scan with Microsoft Security Essentails to make sure there isn’t any other werid stuff on your computer.


    Yes I’m in California. It seems like when I look up this error it’s for Americans in China trying to connect. So I wanted to make that distinction. I checked my proxy settings in Intenet Options and there isn’t anything in there. I wish I were able to take a screen shot of the page but I cannot. I appreciate any help that anyone can give me. This is incredibly frustrating!


    Here is what I am seeing when I click on the Google homepage. The translation follows.





    ??????????????????????????????? IIS ????”?????????”?

    ??? IIS ??
    ?????????? inetmgr???? IIS ????
    ??Internet ?????


    You want to see the site does not have a default page. May it upgraded and configured.

    Please visit again later at this site. If you still have problems, please contact the site administrator.

    ———————————————— —————————-

    If you are the administrator of the site, and that error to receive this message, please refer to the IIS Help Enable and disable dynamic content.

    To access IIS Help
    Click Start, then click Run.
    In the Open text box, type inetmgr. The IIS Manager appears.
    From the Help menu, click Help Topics.
    Click Internet Information Services.


    Are you hitting this issue with any other webpages?

    What Operating System are you running?

    Assuming Windows, check your hosts file.

    Start> Run..

    Paste into the run box:

    There should be a hosts file there, double click on it to open the file. Open the file with notepad when prompted.

    Take a look at the contents of this text file, see if there are any lines that DON’t have a # at the start of them.

    If there are, paste those lines in a comment here.


    i am getting the same thing. if you find out anything let me know. i am in ny


      @dmichel, try the stuff I mentioned above and let me know if that works for you.


    it did not work thanks