How come my computer stalls while booting?

by on December 2, 2012

Q: howdy, ive got a ‘boot stall’ going on. the stall takes place BEFORE the splash screen and the log in page. im wondering what then is it stalling on? BIOS? although its a few years old now, i have a sweet gaming computer, its a dell xps 420. Im made of memory, and as far as i can see, other than a few screen freezes, my settings look ok. I dunno what to do! The dumb thing stalls sometimes for like 15 minutes before it will load! HELP, PLEASE! thanks for your time guys/gals.

One Response to “How come my computer stalls while booting?”

    Make sure the BIOS/CMOS battery isn’t dead, if so replace it with a new one.

    You might want to pick up a ‘Power On Self Test Card’. They’re usually pretty cheap, plug into a PCI slot on your computer and provide an error code if the computer doesn’t finish the self test. You’ll need to do some googling to figure out what the error code means for your specific motherboard, but that shoud give you an idea for what component is causing trouble.