Why does speedtest.net think I am in Kansas when I am in Georgia?

by on December 5, 2012

Q: why does my computer think im in kansas when im really in georgia? i went to speedtest.net to check my speed for a mmo game, and it said i was in kansas. i went to check my region and location settings in my computer and they were correctly set to my present address previously to the issue. i then went to whatsmyip.com (or whatever that site is called, i cant remember) and it to said i was in kansas. my connection is wifi through alltel if that info is relevent. hope to hear a reply soon, thanks.

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    Hi itsleewelch,
    I did some searching on this and found the following from their site….
    Speedtest.net uses GeoIP information to estimate your location so we can automatically pair you with a server nearby. Your computer has a public identifier known as an IP address, and and we use that address along with information from our partner MaxMind. We can get an accurate fix in the majority of cases, but sometimes information is out-of-date or missing, making your location incorrect.

    The you can fix this by using the Refine Location button on your settings page. This requires an account, so register or login if you aren’t already in your Speedtest.net account. Refining your location is usually successful when you’re using Wi-Fi, as your browser uses nearby wireless networks to get a precise fix of your location.

    A work-around you can use, even without an account, is to preference a server nearby on your settings page. You can pick any of our 1000+ servers, and Speedtest.net will remember that choice when you visit the site in the future.

    This was found here… https://support.speedtest.net/entries/20841296-why-is-my-location-incorrect