Can I control how much Internet each computer can use?

by on December 6, 2012

Q: can i control how much internet my modem sends to it. I have a direct Ethernet line and another computer that is wireless can I set a limit on how much megabytes they get.

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    What kind of a problem are you experiencing? Is this an issue where one computer is trying to download a file, and the other wants to browse web pages or play an on-line game but can’t because the page loads are too slow?

    If so, you’ll need a router that has built in QoS support. QoS stands for quality of service. A router with this functionality priorities network traffic basked on how important/time-sensitive it is.

    So something like a video conference would be most important, webbrowsing second, and a large download of a file would be least important.

    In that example the large download would be slowed down when someone was browsing the internet, but would return to full speed when there was other activity.


    OK Thanks for the help-here is what is going on.My internet is 3547 (Kbits/Sec) and i have a Xbox 360 direct Ethernet connection and a laptop. When I am playing halo 4 without my family on the laptop it is fine, but when he started using it and watching YouTube and chatting on fb it makes my game lag. So I want to be able to control how much internet the laptop gets, so like split it n half. I will use have the internet and he will use half. Can I set his laptop to only use half an no more? Note i did not have this problem before the laptop-in the past when I played halo reach he had a small desktop with wireless internet and i had no problem.

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    Thanks for the extra details.

    I’ll spare the long in-depth technical discussion, but to put it simply, to solve your problem you’ll need a router that supports QoS (Quality of Service).

    What is the make and model of your current router?


    versalink d90-327w30-06


    Unfortunately I can’t find any information on if that router supports QoS settings.. You’d need to check the manual or the web control panel for the router to see if it’s available.

    Since you have an integrated modem & router setup, swapping out to better networking hardware gets expensive and complicated, and also a lot more support than I’m able to offer for free here.

    The key thing you’ll need to look into and use with your googling is “QoS”, so hopefully this at least puts in in the right direction!