How come I cannot access coupon sites?

by on December 6, 2012

Q: I have IE9 256 bit, AVG, and FixCleaner on my computer. I cannot access coupon sites like “” unless I open with no add-ons. If I open with no-add on’s I select coupons I want to print. They say I need to install their coupon printer. I turned off my AVG Firewall and installed the printer. Coupons still would not print. If I try to open with the add-ons I get a DEP error and IE closes. I do not know what “Data Execution Error” is or how to fix it.

Also “FixCleaner” wipes out all the “cookies” OR Links? that I have to login sites like my bank. They don’t recognize me after FixCleaner repairs all! It wipes out the coupon printer also! How do I keep that from happening? I have already entered their websites as “safe sites” on my computer.

I’m LOST, HELP!!!!

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