Will I get more money selling my Sony VIAO laptop as a full unit or in parts?

by on December 6, 2012

Q: Hiya, I want to buy a new laptop because my Sony Vaio VPCS11V9E has been troublesome from the beginning. I had the screen replaced (because Sony refused to accept responsibility for patches even though it was new) only to have it scratched (two small scratches on right side) by another repair service when they repaired my AC jack six months later (which works fine now). The screen is also starting to show mild flickering lines when video is in fullscreen. One of the hinges is apparently cracked, though this is not obvious from the outside at all (except that the laptop only stays about 90% closed when folded).
Everything else is fine – specs are great, looks great, works great, fast and responsive. It cost over 1000euro. Obviously with it being damaged and almost two years old, it won’t get much if I sell it, but it’s a good computer, so my question is, as I don’t want to sell it with the hard drive (being cautious) would I be better to sell it for parts as a whole unit, or would I get more if I took it apart and sold the parts separately? The graphics card is integrated so not sure how that would work.
Any advice would be appreciated.

One Response to “Will I get more money selling my Sony VIAO laptop as a full unit or in parts?”

    You’re not going to have much interest in anyone wanting to buy parts. You can’t prove that they work when you sell them.

    You can fire up the laptop when you sell it and prove that it works when you collect your cash.

    If you’re concerned about protecting your data, you can use a utility like DBAN ( http://www.dban.org/download ) to securely wipe your laptop.

    Here are some instructions on it’s use: http://www.ucd.ie/itservices/itsupport/itsecurity/securitytools/howtousedbantoremovethecontentsfromaharddisk/

    Once the drive is totally wiped, reinstall your operating system so it works and looks pretty, and then flip the laptop.