What is the body of an email?

by on December 7, 2012

Q: What is the body of an email?

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    The main part of an email message containing the actual, arbitrary data such as text or images. As opposed to the header, which contains control and meta-information.

    In the SMTP standard, the body is the full email message. The header here is only information servers need to deliver the message.


    That is what I tought, and thank you. Now, how do I enlarge the body, not the print, my body is very narrow horizontal body, when I am trying to see pictures, jokes, etc. I am not at all computer savvy, so I am not sure I am phrasing this question correctly, Hope you can help me , once again.


    What e-mail program are you using?


    what is an e-mail program, then i can answer


    It’s what you use to read your email.

    Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, thunderbird, Hotmail, windows live mail, are all examples.

    If you still aren’t sure, what do you click on to read your mail?


    my isp is verizon, and all i have to click on is an envelope looking thing that says email


    Try moving your mouse to the bottom edge of the window that is showing your email and see if the mouse pointer on the screen changes to a different shape, you might be able to drag to increase the size of the window.

    If this doesn’t work, or you aren’t sure what to do, consider contacting Verizon for assistance.


    Thanks, I will try my mouse, to get support from Verizon is like pulling teeth, I think I will rely on you, I will get back to you, again, Thanks so very much!!!!