How come my background image for my desktop is blurry?

by on December 8, 2012

Q: ok, i have a windows 7 laptop, and it worked perfect, but after countless downloads and such, i decided to restore back to factory settings. after i did, i went looking for some pictures for my background of my screen, after finding one, i would save and click make background, but the problem is, its blurry, and so i thought, its just the picture isnt the right size, so i tried countless amounts of pictures, all did the same, its starting to really tick me because every picture i try wont fit my screen correctly. please help

One Response to “How come my background image for my desktop is blurry?”

    Crank your screen resolution up all the way, make sure you’ve installed the video card drivers for your computer. Check your laptop manufacturer’s website to download the latest version.