How do I get back into my computer when it is giving me a blue screen?

by on December 11, 2012

Q: Hi I have a dell computer with window xp. When I turn on my computer is going to my main screen and couple seconds go in a blue screen with this codes

Stop 0x000008E


I try to log on safe mode but go in a blue sceen too with code

Stop. 0X000007E


I run the window cd and type FIXBOOT but say that that file is not found. I run couple test on the cd but everything pass. I have documents for a legal case that I need to have back. I can’t erase any data on that computer. Please help!!!

One Response to “How do I get back into my computer when it is giving me a blue screen?”

    I’m assuming this is an older computer since you’re running Windows XP. The most likely culprit here is that some of your computer’s RAM has gone bad.

    As you have critical data on this computer that you’ve not backed up, I strongly suggest you take the computer to a local reputable shop for assistance.

    For the future, make sure to keep backups of important files. I suggest a free account on the on-line storage provider dropbox. Use this signup link to get some extra free space: