How come the video thumbnails are showing funny in Windows Vista?

by on December 13, 2012

Q: In Vista Home Premium Explorer all of my Video Thumbnails are showing a “filmstrip” box and the Video previews them selves are 1/2 way below this box like 1/2 way outside the preview frame? I have most of the codec systems installed vista codec pack xvid flash player and vlc and so on. ALL formats show previews but they are seriously messed up being ALL off center vertically. Is there some way to fix them? I am associating all formats to Media Player Classic Home Theater and this never happened before? If you need more details I would need to know how to generate the information you need thank you for your valuable time I have found no solution through extensive search of internet.

One Response to “How come the video thumbnails are showing funny in Windows Vista?”

    I’ve had a hard time with all those various codec packs in the past. They caused all kinds of system problems.

    I suggest uninstalling all of those codec packs, and just sticking with the latest version of VLC. VLC has a full codec suite built right in so you don’t have to worry about all this codec files running around your system being all weird.

    Good Luck!