How do I connect multiple computers to my ADSL connection?

by on January 18, 2013

Q: I have a problem connecting multiple computers to the one internet connection. Firstly, I connected a laptop up to the the ADSL wall socket and internet was still connected from the previous ISP. This will continue to run for about a week more until the contract runs out, at which time we select a new one.

Problem that i have is that i cannot connect more than that one device through this same ADSL socket. I can plug the ethernet cable into my brand new computer or my netbook and cannot connect to the internet.

I then purchased a new router, thinking that it would solve my problems. But the new router won’t allow access even on the computer that works directly with the wall outlet ADSL cable.

Hopefully this is an easy fix because i really do feel like a moron atm… 🙁

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    Hi Maxicrisp…. You will most definitely need a router to share a single internet connection. It seems like you need to copy your computer’s MAC address to the router. I can provide you instructions to do this if you can give me the model/make of your new router.