How come I am having issues with my steelseries XAI USB mouse?

by on January 19, 2013

Q: I have a steelseries xai usb mouse that I’m having some trouble with. The symptoms become much more frequent while playing games although this might be a coincidence since I’ve only really been encountering the problems for 2 days, on a computer that is.

1. It will randomly freeze for 0.5 sec at steady intervals.
2. When the freezing gets really bad (shorter intervals) it’s usually accompanied by the left and right mouse buttons rendered unresponsive. Unfortunately I didn’t test the other 5 buttons counting out the DPI adjuster.
3. The sensitivity will suddenly spike then normalize if I spam the DPI adjust button. I wasn’t clicking it by accident to begin with.
4. It will very quickly move to the top of my screen and stay there without the ability to move vertically (it will move horizontally).
5. Eventually it will stop responding to any movement of the mouse and the clicking of it’s buttons. The LED underneath the mouse will still be lit but I will get a warning in windows that a usb device is not recognized because it’s damaged. When I check device manager it says the device was deactivated because it’s damaged or something along those lines.

Unplugging and replugging it in a different or the same usb port will SOMETIMES fix it, temporarily. Rebooting also. I’ve tried running only the mouse with all other usb ports open, on different ports – didn’t work.

Note: most if not all of these symptoms also happened when I was using it along with a keyboard on the PS3 via the Eagle Eye device which leads me to think that it could be related (DUH) and my mouse is actually broken, but could it be a coincidence? Is it also possible that the Eagle Eye broke my mouse?

I was thinking it was a power issue at first so I looked through device manager and unchecked all the “allow this unit to be disabled” something something there and put my power settings to high performance. Didnt help sooo I’m at a loss. Also the program I installed of the steelseries website along with the drivers says it does not recognize a steelseries xai mouse.

Here’s the confusing part… although I didnt do any prolonged testing I did plug it in to my friend’s laptop and it worked fine. Now, I didnt test it for more than a few minutes, straight after it had stopped working on my computer so I dont really know, but when I plugged it in my computer again it instantly started freezing and then stopped. SO YEAH.

If it helps my MOBO is MSI Z77A-GD55, Socket-1155 and I’m only using the USB ports welded onto the actual MOBO.

My GFX card is Gainward GeForce GTX 690 4GB PhysX CUDA. I read that it could be something with video acceleration but I cant for the life of me open the NVIDIA control panel (nothing happens)… so I’ll work on that..

Sorry for the wall of text and if this was just a poorly written mess but do you guys have any ideas or something? Someone been in the same boat?

One Response to “How come I am having issues with my steelseries XAI USB mouse?”

    The first thing that you should do is look on the manufacturer’s website and check to see system compatibility as well as to see if there is an updated driver. If everything checks out good, I would contact the tech support for your mouse and let them know what is happening with it.

    Also, have you tried any other mice, are they having the same issues?