How come my Denon AVR2113 Amp is over heating with my Sony satilite suround sound speakers?

by on January 19, 2013

Q: Hi
Just brought a Denon AVR2113 Amp 6-16ohm 95-125 output. connected it to my wharfdale 8×4 diamond series speakers and sony satilite suround sound speakers all good for a miniute then the tweeders blew up in the wharfdales so i dissconnected them and played on after about an hour the amp cut out on protect mode and was hot i was only running at half volume (not that loud) there was no clipping sounded good. wharfdales are 6ohm impedance but measure with a ohm meter and i get 3.8 ohms my friend has the exact same speakers and his are also 3.8ohms. Is my new amp a miss match with the speakers? are my speakers faulty? do i have an out of the box faulty amp? please any help here would be good cheers.