How come my cable modem is not giving me a valid IP address?

by on January 22, 2013

Q: Recently purchased a new cpu tower. I plugged in the ethernet cable. Got nothing. Called my cable provider and they checked my modem and told me it may be a bad ethernet cable. I purchased another cable and still nothing. After doing some checking, I noticed that I have no IP address showing. Also says that no driver was installed for the coprocessor. I checked to see if the ethernet card is installed. It is and is working properly. Can the fact that I have no IP address be my problem or could it be another issue?

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    Just in case you haven’t tried it yet (although I am sure tech support made you do this) restart your cable modem. The cable modem binds to the MAC address of the first device that connects to it and in order for a different device to be connected (router, computer, etc) you need to restart the modem.

    Just throwing it out there just in case you didn’t try that yet.


    What kind of computer is your new one? Can you verify that your Ethernet/Network driver is installed and working properly? Check to verify that within the TCP/IP Properties of the ethernet adapter that everything is set to obtain an IP Address automatically (Assuming that they use DHCP for IP Configuration). If you have your old computer, Try to plug that in to verify that it is a problem with the computer and not with the modem. Try the above and let me know what the responses are.