How come videos on a website I am supposed to use for school are not loading?

by on January 22, 2013

Q: There is a website that I must use for school. It has embedded videos that are apparently mp4 files. The browser uses flash to play them but the only thing that appears is a black screen.

If I right-click the black screen it says “Video not loaded…”

I have another computer with a different version of Flash and it plays the videos fine. The computer where it DOESNT work has the latest version of flash…whereas the computer that DOES work is an older version of flash.

The player that is embedded in the website is the Kaltura Open Source Player.

Youtube videos play perfect. Just not the video from the Kaltura embedded player AND only on the one computer.

When I played around with the ShockWave PLugin in Chrome I got it to work once..and then it stopped working. It seems to work intermittently at best.

Also…there is McAffee security on the computer that does NOT work. Could it be somehow preventing the video from playing? But again, the weird thing is that sometimes you can get it to work just by trying to load the browser again.

Any ideas?

thank you,

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    Hmmm…. Have you tried to uninstall adobe flash player and re-install? If not, I’d try that. If that does not work I will need more details about the site/videos that you are trying to watch. Make sure that when you re-install flash that you install as an administrator of the computer.


    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash but it doesnt make a difference because the browsers come with flash pre-installed (or at least Chrome does). So changing the install or version doesnt matter. I have tried all browsers (IE, Opera, FireFox, Chrome) and none of them will show the videos….just on the new laptop though.

    Since I own the laptop Im assuming I am always signed in as Administrator.


    Try this site…. Adobe has a whole troubleshooting guide for Flash player compatibility with Windows 8.


    I have windows 7 but ill have a look anyway


    The McAffee security could be an issue. If possible try uninstalling or disabling that software to see if it resolves your issue.