How come my laptop running Windows 7 randomly shuts off?

by on January 23, 2013

Q: I have a Windows 7 Home Premium laptop that sometimes completely shuts off randomly. Not 100% sure why, I have drawn a conclusion it might be I am running too many things. Might be CPU or memory. I did try searching myself and someone said it might be an outdated driver but it updated it and still have that problem sometimes. What can I do, is it a hardware or software issue?

One Response to “How come my laptop running Windows 7 randomly shuts off?”

    What kind of laptop are you using? How old is it? Is it still under warranty?
    The laptop could power off for a variety of reasons. It is possible, depending on the environment that it runs in that there is a lot of dust in the CPU fan and it is over heating. It is also possible that the Power Supply within the laptop could be failing. If you give me more specific info about your computer I can see if there are any common issues with your specific laptop.