What is the best laptop for programming high end software and games?

by on January 23, 2013

Q: Which laptop is best for programing high end softwares and games with C++,python,DirectX,java,etc and for web designing

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    This depends a lot on your budget, but I’d strongly suggest a Macbook Pro.


    The only issue you might hit is with regards to DirectX development, but you might be better off focusing on OpenGL work since that would allow your software to work cross platform and not be limited to Windows.


      Can i program awesome games on any $600 to $700 laptop


        It is not the creation of the game that requires an “awesome system” because when you create a game you are just typing code, ie text. It is running the game that will require the resources and even then it all depends on how good your code is and what it is doing that will define the minimum resources needed to play the game.


          So if i type codes in c++ language for a game, then will it run on my laptop in which i typed its coding


            Can you tell us a little bit about your prior software development experience?

            If you’re totally new to software development, I’d strongly suggest you start out with whatever computer you have on hand, and worry about buying new stuff when you’ve outgrown whatever you’re currently using.


    Yeah i am new to it


      I want to learn programing, i have a lenovo g series laptop, it runs on windows 7 ultimate. So how can i start programing, what things(languages) i have to learn now, what will i need to download for programing


    I am going to download video tutorials, going to buy some books, download some ebooks, and i will read some tutorials on web, is it appropriate for a beigner like me

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      I would get started with a book or ebook. Realize the first few chapters are probably going to be pretty boring if you are doing something like C++ because there are a lot of concepts you need to get figured out and software you need to get installed before you can really write anything.

      After the first few chapters you should be into basic how to write a program type things where you will learn how to create a Hello World program and then maybe onto how to accept imports, learning operators, etc.

      Then once you have the basics you can start spreading out and doing tutorials. Just keep things manageable. You probably wont write a new Call of Duty game in your first year of programming so set reasonable goals, hit them, and move on.


        Which books are best for c++ and python


          There are an insane number of books and options available.

          My best suggestion would be to take a look on amazon for a well reviewed and relatively recently published book.