Where is the best place to sell software that I write?

by on January 23, 2013

Q: Where should i sell my own software which is programed by me to gain a big profit

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    The most common path would be to create a website for your software, and then preform whatever appropriate marketing for your software to direct people to your website and then make them interested enough to buy your software.


    Will i have to make any agreement for my software before selling it on my own website


    Generally that’s a good idea. Can you tell me a little bit about this software that you’re planning on selling?


      Mark i’ll tell u about my software, but first tell me how to make a legal agreement


        You can check out some various resources on-line, but depending on what kind of software it is, you may want to seriously consider talking to a lawyer.



          Mark, can’t i make end user lisence agreement by myself, if i choose lawyer which type of lawyer can make a legal EULA for me. Will that Agreement will contain my name as developer


            I’d suggest starting with Business Law and going from there.


    So, r u saying me to study about business law or choose a lawyer


      Choose a lawyer.


    Can all lawyers make this EULA


      No, contact a lawyer in your area with a background in Business Law.


    So supose now agreement is ready, i put my created programe for sale on paypal or clickbank, then how much percent{%} of real amount will be given to me on each purchase by a new customer


      If i’ll make my own website to sell my softwares, how much will it cost.
      Will there be profit in opening a new website for my own business of my softwares


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    Also, I just noticed that you asked the programming laptop question as well. Considering you have yet to begin to learn any software development stuff, I’d strongly suggest you focus on learning the basics of software development first.