Is there anyway to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7 without losing my files?

by on January 26, 2013

Q: I have a HP laptop it had windows 7 on it and know it has windows 8 on it, I know have windows 8 on it for a few months, and would like to put windows 7 back on my computer with out losing any of my personal files, How would I go about doing this? Or can it be done??

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    If you don’t want to lose personal data, you’ll need to copy all of it to another harddrive or storage device of some kind.

    The drive Windows 8 is installed on will need to be wiped to install Windows 7.

    You’ll also need a valid Windows 7 license and Windows 7 Installation media.

    If have additional questions or are missing a Windows 7 license or installation media you should contact the manufacturer of your PC for support.


      Hey will, mark is right, copy all of your personal data on another HDD or SSD
      but windows 8 is the newest version of microsoft windows OS, Why do u want to downgrade it


    Thank you for your help, I have already got it fixed this morning about 3:30 am


    Why downgrade from Win 8 Pro? Let’s see: doesn’t support latest video cards, won’t work with 32bit printer drivers (nearly all non-US printers are 32bit) or any 32bit devices for that matter, and has problems with Bluetooth. By problems, I mean it won’t support the Bluetooth at all on my AlienWare laptop. My i7 processor speed actually tests SLOWER than it did with Win 7 Pro. I’m backing up my docs and pics as I write. I’ve been looking forward to this downgrade ever since I had Win 8 loaded. The six hours of struggle the tech had loading it to begin with should have been a warning. Nothing but problems with it for the last two months! Now I finally have the time, and am getting it off of my hard disk.