Does listening to my playlist online use up more data than downloading it?

by on February 14, 2013

Q: Does listening to my online playlists use up the same data transfer amount as downloading onto my hard drive?

My internet server tells me I can leave my internet on all the time and it will NOT use up my allowed data amount. Yet last month my account was put on kind of a slow allowed connect. When I called to see what the issue was I was told I had used up my monthly allowed amount. The only thing different I did that month was listen to my online playlist during the night.

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    To answer your question….. Listening to 1 song over streaming does not use up as much bandwidth as downloading that 1 song to your computer/phone.
    With that said, If you are listening to a playlist (streaming multiple songs) then it will continually use your bandwidth. Streaming music I would say can use anywhere between 1mb to 1.5mb per minute. If you continually listen to your streaming music while your computer is on this can add up quickly. Some services such as’s premium services will allow you to download your playlist for offline use so you can continue to listen to the music and not use your bandwidth. I hope this answers your questions.