How can I disable remote desktop on my computer?

by on February 14, 2013

Q: My neighbour is constantly peeping into my computer using remote desktop.How can i stop this??

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    Hi pat77,
    After you go over to your neighbors house and throw his computer in the middle of the road and hit it with a baseball bat a few times you can disable Remote Desktop by doing the following.
    1. Click on Start > Right click on “My Computer” or “Computer” and go to “Properties”.
    2. Click on the “Remote” tab.
    3. Uncheck “Allow users to connect to my computer remotely”.
    It seems like he somehow has a login to your computer as well. If you login to your computer every time you restart it you should change that password. You can do so by going into the control panel > Users and changing your password in there.

    It is also possible that he is accessing your computer using a different remote desktop protocol such as VNC. I suggest you try to make sure that there is no application such as “VNC Server” running on your computer. You can check for this by doing the following…
    1. Check your start menu > All programs for anything that says VNC or Real VNC.
    2. Open task manager ( Right click on the task bar > Task Manager) and check the running processes, Search for anything with the name VNC in it. You will want to make sure that you click the checkbox at the bottom that says “Show processes from all users”.

    Let me know if these do not solve your issue.


    haha fletcha, great answer.


    Are you and your neighbor sharing the same internet connection, possibly via wifi?