What is dytouoy.exe and why is it running on my computer?

by on February 14, 2013

Q: Hi! I just found a program running in my computer called “dytouoy.exe” and I didn’t know what it was so I googled it, and NOTHING came up. What IS this thing?? Meanwhile, I tracked down the folder and deleted it and my computer is running fine. Was this some sort of spy-ware? And if you tell me do you have to kill me?? 😉

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    Hi Cduiker,
    To be honest I do not know what this process is. I did find multiple references to some sort of a penguin race game though. Do you know if you ever had any sort of game like that on your computer? How many files were in the folder that you deleted? How did you find this file, Was it running as a process that you saw in task manager or did your Antivirus Software pick it up?


    I found it running in task manager (I had gone in to see what was running since my iTunes kept freezing up). Normally when I see a program I can google it and see what it is, but I’ve never had something NOT come up at all. I don’t EVER play games on my pc, so I doubt it was a penguin race (!). My boyfriend didn’t want to open the files so he just deleted hte whole folder and there were no repercussions. Could this be something deposited there by some kind of SpyWare? It’s not serious, but I was just curious about a program that appeared literally NOWHERE in Google. It made me go “hmmm..” Thanks for your help.

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    It is very possible that this could have come from some sort of malware/spyware/virus. I also googled this and the penguin race game was the only thing that seemed like it could be possible.

    As a precaution I would run a full virus scan when you get a chance just to be sure that your system is safe.
    If you don’t have any virus/spyware scanning/protection software I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials. Make sure that you update the virus/spyware definitions first before running the scan.