How can I make my computer answer my phone when it rings and then dial a number then hang up?

by on February 19, 2013

Q: What is a relatively simple way to setup a computer with a landline phone input (modem perhaps) so that every incoming call is pick up on the first ring and. then one second later, a touch tone number, like “7”, is dialed, then the line is hung up and the computer awaits the next call, ready to repeat steps 1 through 3.

The application is for the remote unlocking service for the securty door in my apartment. The door is locked with a buzzer system with an integrated keypad to dial the landline phones in the same building’s units so that the resident may answer the phone, identify the caller by talking through the intercom, then pressing “7” on the phone to remotely unlock the door.

I’d eventually like to be able to just speed dial the landline of my apartment from my cell phone and have the door just unlock so I could walk through it without carry my keys.

Also, I can give the landline phone number to trusted guests so that they may enter without having to notify me first.

I suspect that it’s just a simple shareware program but I son’t even know which terms to Google it with. Maybe a timed script ould be run to do the dialing if there’s no automatic dialer that also answers first.

One Response to “How can I make my computer answer my phone when it rings and then dial a number then hang up?”

    My suggestion would to first try an answering machine if you have one. You might be able to record yourself pressing the 7 button and that might work.

    If not then you will probably need to do some simple programming to get done what you want. I have to be honest that I haven’t messed with this stuff in about 10 years though so I am a bit rusty and I am certain windows has changed a bit but way back in the day it was fairly easy to do this.

    Again I would try with an answering machine first as it wont require you keep your phone on though and if that doesn’t work then some work would be required.

    With that said I would be careful because if someone calls your phone by accident, a telemarketer, then the door would unlock as well. Also when someone calls from your box it goes to your landline right so anyone calling you to get in would automatically be let in as well right?

    In an ideal world you might want to figure out how to to get your computer to check the caller id and if it matches certain numbers then it would answer and unlock. There are ways to do it but I feel like it is a bit more complicated than something we could easily help you with.