Why does my Linksys Cisco E1200 keep dropping my wireless connection?

by on February 20, 2013

Q: we bought a new router for home, Linksys Cisco E1200. When I use my work laptop and log in remotely to work, my connection continually gets disconnected. When I plug straight into the cable with the yellow cord, I do not lose connection. So it has to be the linksys set up. Any idea what could be the cause of the dropped service when I go wireless with Linksys? Thank you.

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    This could be a number of things but lets start with the basics….

    -How far away are you from your router/How good is your wireless signal when you are connected?
    – How many other wireless devices connect to this wireless router?
    – How long have you had this wireless router?
    – What is the name of the wireless network that you connect to? (“linksys”)?

    All of these can help determine why you keep getting disconnected. Some causes of frequent wireless disconnects with home routers are.
    – Duplicate SSID’s running in the same area, Your computer will keep switching between wireless routers without you knowing.
    – Duplicate Wireless networks on the same channel/frequency.
    – Router requiring a firmware update. Firmware for your device is located here… http://support.linksys.com/en-us/support/routers/E1200

    Have you tried to call Linksys support yet?


    Thanks for the questions. Hopefully my answers will help.
    I can be right next to the router in the basement or one floor away and I will lose the connection
    We have 3 total devises, 1 iPad and 2laptops using the linksys
    We bought this new router in sept of last year so it’s fairly new
    I have called linksys and they said since we bought the router in sept our 30 day free support is over and they will charge us in order to help. With all the information on the Internet I wanted to try and see if I could figure it out myself
    Any thoughts on next steps?
    Thank you,