Is there anyway I can have WiFi with a dialup connection?

by on February 21, 2013

Q: I live in a rural area, no wireless internet available, have dial internet service and was wondering if there was anyway I could have WIFI?

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    Hey Coffee – I’m not exactly sure of your question here…. It sounds like you currently have a Dial Up connection but are trying to get WIFI. The only way that you can get WIFI is if you or someone around you has a broadband connection and has a wireless access point or Wireless Router connected to the Broadband connection that will allow you to connect to it. Keep in mind that your computer also needs to be WIFI ready to receive the WIFI signal. If you can tell me a little bit more about your scenario I can help you out a little better. Also the brand/model of your laptop would help as well.



    Keep in mind that Wifi would only allow you to be wireless between your dialup modem and your laptop. Your internet connection wouldn’t be any faster.

    You also might want to verify that there aren’t any service options available in your area. Try this page: