What kind of laptop should I get for Internet use?

by on February 26, 2013

Q: I am looking at replacing my HP Pavilion dv2000. I have a web site, I send out newsletters, I email, I write articles, I skype or Tango, I dowload pictures, I do facebook and play a few games. I search the web, I am hooked up by using Verizon Mifi.

I am confused what kind of laptop do you suggest

One Response to “What kind of laptop should I get for Internet use?”

    There are many different options out there and it all comes down to personal preference. These days you can buy a good laptop for $600. Some of the brand names that I think are good are Dell, HP, ASUS, Samsung, Sony or Apple.

    You don’t seem to need a gaming laptop or desktop replacement. So I would say go down to your local electronics store and try some out see what you like. Some of the options to think of are size, weight, portability, battery life, if it will work with your Verizon Mifi and lastly what software comes on it. Personally I have been very fond of the ASUS laptops and would suggest to start with looking at one of those.