How do I fix the bult in webcam on my laptop?

by on June 10, 2013

Q: My laptop’s built in webcam no longer is working, how can I fix it?

HP G60 Notebook PC F.32
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may be irrelevant since my laptop has to the best of my knowledge always said this, but in device manager, it’s listed as usb video device, though i think it should say webcam-101 or something based on my google results.

also, i downgraded from vista to xp.. so anything that pertains only to vista and above won’t help me.

this problem has existed for a few weeks, maybe a month or two tops.

device manager says it’s working properly. the light don’t turn on so i’m assuming my cam wasn’t hacked [although i see no reason why it would be, i don’t chat online and i’m not a cute girl, or a girl at all lol]. when i try to use it via manycam for example it says: please make sure this device is not currently used in another application. but the webcam has always lit up when it was in use.

also, is it possible it may be unplugged or broken? i’m uncertain as the fact that it says it’s working properly 😛

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    how long does it usually take to receive an answer? 😛


    Unfortunately this isn’t something we can really trouble shoot online. You are going to have the best luck bringing your laptop into a repair shop and having them look at it for you.


    yea.. i’d rather just deal with no webcam lol.. i’m not paying 80$ for them to change some setting lol. i was just looking for an idea or two of something else to check. i’m great with pc’s, can build it from scratch.. but this is the first laptop i’ve ever had and don’t plan on buying a new one ever since i don’t like them [this one was free, i just had to do some maintenance on it]. thx for the reply, i guess this can be closed 😛