Is there anyway I can increase the resolution on my laptop?

by on June 10, 2013

Q: I want to modify my laptop by giving it a higher resolution screen. But the maximum supported resolution is given as 1366 x768. What needs to be changed for a 1080p screen? The motherboard? The Intel processor ? The drivers? What would be the total cost (including techie fees)?

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    You cannot add a high resolution to a screen that does not support it. If your laptop came with the option for a high res display you could purchase that and replace it. However putting a higher resolution screen other than if it was offered is all by chance. There are many screens the same size as yours but may not fit into the hardware.

    Your best option would be to look into replacing the laptop with a high res one.


    “Fit into the hardware.” So what needs to be changed? The motherboard, the drivers, the CPU? This is part of the answer I am looking for.


    You cannot determine what exactly needs to be changed until you can change the display of your laptop. Your max resolution of 1366×768 is set in part by the graphics processor in your laptop and the display. The 1366×768 is the maximum your current display can handle. If you upgrade to a higher resolution display then you could determine what internals may need to be upgraded.

    As well most laptops graphics processors are integrated into the motherboard. So if you had to upgrade that would mean upgrading to a better motherboard, chipset if needed and memory. As well it is not as easy to buy any random motherboard it needs to be confirmed fitting into your current laptop. At that cost (display, lcd power inverter, motherboard alone) will cost you an estimated starting price of about $300 and up from there.

    Hopefully this clarifies what you were asking and what I was trying to explain to you. If you have further qeustions please let me know. As well let me know the make and model of your laptop and I can try to tell you exactly what would need to be done to upgrade the display.


    I have an ASUS U47A. $300 is a lot, but it sounds as if there would be a lot of additional benefits from the replacements you mention. By the way, why an LCD power inverter? Is that not already in the laptop?


    After looking up your model laptop it seems it would be difficult to upgrade the resolution of it. The motherboard is perfectly capable of displaying 1080p with its integrated Intel HD 4000. But the screen is still limited to 1366×768.

    The reason for the LCD power inverter is a new screen with a higher resolution may have required a different inverter to display properly.

    I would say your best bet is to either use the HDMI out hooked to a monitor or TV with full HD resolution or look into a laptop with a higher resolution.


    Thank you very much. Just to confirm: To increase the resolution. I would need to replace the screen. I knew that much from the beginning. The motherboard supports it, so what else would I need to change to complete the switch?