How do I setup my domain to receive email?

by on June 17, 2013

Q: Hi, I booked a domain name with then booked a VPS running windows server 2008 (with IIS7) to host my web application. I managed to point the domain to the fixed IP of my VPS, however I don’t know how to setup and to send and receive emails from/to my web site/application. Can anyone tell me how and where to start? Thanks a lot.

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    Are you looking to just allow this web application to send and receive e-mails, or are you also looking for personal e-mail accounts?

    Is this a web application you’ve purchased from a 3rd party or something you’re planning on writing yourself?


    Hi and thx for yr comment, the answers are yes and yes it is an application I’m writing myself. I temporarily ended up using godaddy’s smtp so that the receiver sees my domain after the @ which is what I wanted. The problem is, godaddy set nr of daily smtp relays to 250. I know it’s rare that one would need to send over 250 email a day but for a web application this could well be the case. Which is why I wanted to send all emails straight from my IIS7 but in a way the user should see my domain after the @. Any idea would be highly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the extra details.

    1. Don’t setup your own mailserver. It’s complicated, and that mail load takes away resources from your server hosting your web application. There are a ton of other issues involved too. For personal e-mail @ your domain, check out Windows Live which will provide free e-mail service for your domain:

    2. For transactional SMTP e-mail for your application, I suggest looking at . Your first 12,000 emails per month are free, so that should give you plenty of space to grow.


      You gotta point about the hassle and the resources issue. I will definitely explore the other two options you mentioned. Thanks again.