Would an iPad or an airbook be better for an extended trip that requires Internet and the ability to edit photos? 

by on October 22, 2012

Q: I SO hope you can help me!:-)

I am in a LAST MINUTE jam as I have been going back and forth for months trying to decide what would be best for my trip…. and now I am suppose to leave in 5 days!

My scenario: going to be traveling around southeast asia and south pacific for 6 months.
I want the lightest laptop/tablet to travel with to be able to store and edit up to 12,000 photos (probably will not end up being more than 8,000 though). My average photo size is 5 mb or less (using point and shoot). Also want to be able to upload video from gopro and PNS camera as well…. probably no more than 12 hours total. I would also like to be able to watch video and use my comp during LONG plane rides.
Internet wise, is pretty basic and simple: email, SKYPE, social networking, google searching, etc….
I would REALLY like to be able to acces books online as well (size, style, and comfort wise I am good with either one for that, just not sure what my selection would be through an airbook?

I am torn between an ipad or an airbook (as I am already a macbook pro user…a very un-technilogical one mind you:-)… but familiar with the format none the less.
I REALLY don’t like the battery life in the air book, and have already ran into a number of SLOW and freezing problems in iphoto with the macbook pro I have currently… so hesitant about the airbook.
I am afraid I will not be able to store enough photo/video on a 64gb ipad though, and/or not be able to save the info to an external flash drive (as I have been told you can not)???
Is there a way to store photos from ipad to external hard drive???

What options might I have for storing photo/video online in either photo specific storage/share sites and/or cloud sites??? I am not familiar with this, as I have not used them before….
I realize are there are a ton of these sites out there but I want to know what ones I can edit photo/video on?
and MOST importantly, can I get a cd/dvd of the original high resolution pics back (that actually works) when I return home in 6 months? What sites do you suggest?

Another very important thing I have been going back and forth with is I really want to take the sony cybershot dscwx100 BUT when I tried to upload the pics (to my macbook pro) the video does not come up… the only way to get it on is a pain in the butt through imovie and then i can not share it on fb (as it says I am not allowed to upload video bc of infringement… whatever that means (I know what infringement means just don’t know what fb is talking about!?!). BUT when I tried uploading on an airbook they popped right up! (the sony cybershot video popped up in iPhoto ~ which sony themselves told me could not happen… but it did).
I want to know if the sony cybershot dscwx100 is compatable with IPHOTO on ipad? (I don’t want to have to do the videos through imovie, it is just not an option for me)
I have also heard that uploading video from San Disk extreme cards can be too much for an iPad?? I have only SanDisk Extreme sd cards in both 16 gb and 32 gb.
Will this work on an ipad?

If ipad will store enough and/or be able to off load onto external hard drive, and also work with the sony cybershot dscwx100 (video in iphoto and not imovie) then what case/keyboard is the lightest and offers the best protection?

One other thing of possible importance to note is the first half of my trip will be in VERY hot and humid climates (no electronics friend I know) though was wondering if one may be better suited than another for this type of climate?

Thank you so much!