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How come my computer does not recognize the Ethernet connection on my motherboard? 

by on December 18, 2012

Q: I recently built myself a respectable little gaming PC. It has a fancy mb which has its own built in WiFi card, which also comes with an external WiFi antenna. Since where I had to place my PC was so far away from our router, the download times for anything were very incredibly slow. So, I decided I wanted to get a nice long ethernet cable to plug into the PC for a good hardwire connection. Once I had done so, however, I noticed the motherboard didn’t recognize how it was supposed to use the ethernet plug. Some poking around lead me to believe that the drivers for the plug weren’t installed. Could you please point me towards where I could get the drivers for this? The motherboard is an Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition. Please note that I have no DVD drive right now, and that looking through the files of the DVD I got (On my crap-top) has led me to the conclusion that such drivers never existed there in the first place.


How come our new HDTV does not get as many channels as our old TV? 

by on November 30, 2012

Q: At my house, we watch tv with an antenna. On our old tv hooked to a converter box, we got about 10 channels. We just bought a new HDTV and are only getting two channels (1 of which is HD). We hooked up our old converter box to the new tv and have all our channels back but no hd. What can I do to get the channels in HD?


How do I know if an antenna will work in my area? 

by on October 18, 2012

Q: I was trying to test reception on TV today to see if we can ditch our cable, and read that you can test for channels by plugging one end of a coaxial TV cable in to the antenna spot on the TV, and touching the center post of he free end to a wire coat hanger or the center post of an extension cord (obviously not plugged in to outlet). Then you know if you can use a rabbit ears to get channels or not.
My question is, can this hurt you? I don’t think any electricity goes through coaxial TV cables, so would touching the end to another wire like a hanger or an unplugged cord be a hazard or not?

Also, what if you touch the center of the wire while trying to screw it back in to the tv? Can that hurt you?
Here’s the site I was reading :


What kind of antenna would I need to boosted my WiFi signal a quarter mile? 

by on May 8, 2012

Q: What sort of antenna would I need to boost my router so I could receive my WLAN at the shop a 1/4 mile away?


What is the best PVR or DVR for use with an antenna? 

by on November 29, 2011

Q: I want to buy a PVR,with channel guide for a 42 in Samsung Plasma TV that is hooked to an outdoor antenna,What is my best option price & quality wise


What is a good HD tuner that I can use with my older HDTV? 

by on February 6, 2011

Q: I have an older HDTV without a built in HD tuner. I am ditching cable and going with boxee and Netflix, but would also like to watch live HD. What is a good and relatively cheap HD tuner I could use with my TV?


Is there a way to get TV without cable, satellite, or installing an antenna on my roof? 

by on December 21, 2010

Q: I have recently moved into a new home which has no external TV aerial as previous occupiers had cable. I don’t want to go with cable or Sky. I am happy with just the Digital Channels. Is there a cheaper & easier way other than having a TV aerial installed on the roof?


Is there anyway I can access a WiFi hot spot that is 3 miles away? 

by on February 25, 2010

Q: I have a Dell laptop with wireless built in. The nearest WiFi hot spots are approximately 3 miles away. What type of antenna would work for me to be able to access these WiFi spots?

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Pick an indoor HDTV antenna 

by on January 18, 2010

Q: Recently I bought a Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD to use with my computer and PS3. In order to watch TV do I have to have an indoor antenna connected with the monitor?

A: The Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD is an actual HDTV not an HD monitor. This is important to know because it means that it has an HD tuner built into it. If it were an HD monitor then you would need to buy a separate HD tuner. So the simple answer to your question is yes, all you need to do is attach an indoor antenna to the HDTV but that is not the entire answer.

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