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What kind of cable do I need to use to move my TV that connects to DirecTV? 

by on July 29, 2012

Q: I have direct tv. They installed a 5 foot cable so I cannot move my TV from its current location. I tried using an adaptor and hooking up a longer cable to move it but the signal is too weak (how convenient). (They can come and put in another line for an additional fee of course). Are there adaptors that will transmit a stronger signal?


Do they make a DVD player that can record off a DirecTV TiVo? 

by on August 4, 2011

Q: I am looking for a dvd player that can record off of a direct tv tivo. Can you tell me what I should buy?


Can I use my cell phone to run programs off my computer? 

by on June 23, 2011

Q: I would like to have direct tv, a cell phone with internet capabilities, and I want to be able to utilize my computer programs.

Am I able to use my computer programs with a cell phone that has internet capabilities or do I also need to maintain my ISP?

If I can use my cell phone that has internet capabilities to run my in home computer and programs, how do I do that?

Would you please suggest any other options?


How do I get two direct TV boxes to work off one satellite dish? 

by on June 1, 2011

Q: i have two direct tv sat boxes. i also have one sat dish . i have run a coax line from the dish to a cheap coaxc splitter and the a line from the splitter to each sat receiver. here is my problem.

I can get only one tv to show a tv station at a time. as soon as i turn on the second sat and tv. i get a ‘ SEARCHING FOR SATALITE. ” i STILL HAVE A TV STATION ON THE FIRST TV iF i SHUT OFF THE TV WHICH IS SHOWING A TV STATION THE OTHER TV THAT WAS SHOWING “SEARCH FOR SAT ” now shows a tv station. what can i do to fix so both tvs show a tv station


How come I cannot download on demand shows from DirecTV? 

by on September 24, 2010

Q: I have Direct TV, trying to use the OnDemand.

I have a Cisco WET610N (wireless Ethernet) plugged into the TV with all lights saying I’m good to go. Using remote control and System Setup…it says I am connected to DirectTV via the Internet…and congratulations.

Problem is…nothing downloads..I have had an On Demand movie requested for over 2 weeks now. Direct TV has sent a repairman out to my home because they would not believe that I did not have snow on my roof in w tx the end of August (yup told em the picture is just fine…and no snow). Repairman said I have too many corners for the signal to go around and tried selling me their whole home network system…duh wouldn’t same problem exist after I am out another 220 bucks??

After all this time ‘And Justice For All) is 0 % downloaded and the 2nd movie is still pending.