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Should I be using a DVI to HDMI adapter to connect my computer to my TV? 

by on May 27, 2013

Q: im trying to hook my comp to my tv and I was woundering can I use a dvi to hdmi adapter cable or do I have to do something else to make it work?


How come my video card is only letting me set the max resolution to 1280×800? 

by on November 25, 2011

Q: i have a zr30w monitor on a dc7800 sff box. Windows XP.
4292 Mb ram. i have downloaded the software from the hp site installed and restarted. the dvi card is also installed

the max resolution showing is 1280 x 800

not only does it run like a dog but the resolution needs to be set much higher. any suggestions?


How can I connect my Acer with a DVI connection to my HDTV with an HDMI connection? 

by on November 9, 2011

Q: I have an acer aspire 5733z-4851 and im trying to connect to a 32″ magnavox lcd tv with a built in dvd player. The tv has hdmi out lets and s-video output but my laptop dont got eaither what can i do. My laptop only has DVI….please help.


Will I get a better picture running my xbox 360 with VGA or DVI? 

by on October 25, 2011

Q: I have a SDM-HS94P, im looking to run my xbox 360 on it would would give me the better picture it runs both VGA and DVI,

Monitor specs are found here http://www.cnet.com.au/sony-sdm-hs94p_specs-240001866.htm

Any help would be much appreciated 😉 and thank you for your time


Does HDMI require more processing power than DVI? 

by on July 19, 2011

Q: Im thinking about buying a new screen to my computer. I have a 22″ now but are thinking about a 27″. Im a gamer so its important that i dont get alot of “lag”.
Im think about switching from DVI to a HDMI so my question is. How much more does HDMI require from the computer. As it is now i can play all the new games att very high spec at 1680*1050.


How come my DVI signal stopped working? 

by on February 18, 2011

Q: Hi, all by a sudden the DVI signal stopped working. This happened after a a Windows Update concerning among other nVidia-Display-NVIDIA GEFORCE 6150. The colors become strange after the update and I rebooted. Same problem. I made a system reset and after that the DVI did not work.

I have tried a new monitor and changed cables but still no signal.

The VGA is however working fine.

I have Vista, motherboard ASUS M2NPV-VM.

I have looked in the BIOS to try to enable DVI but found no settings around that.

Please advice on what to do.


Will using a VGA to DVI connector connected to a DVI to HDMI work? 

by on December 8, 2009

Q: I have connected my eMachine PC via the VGA port for monitor to my emerson plasma TV’s HDMI port with a DVI male by HDMI male cord and an adapter (VGA male by DVI female).

I cannot get the visat configured to show on the TV.