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What is the strategy for winning Sticks? 

by on March 23, 2011

Q: There is a game called Sticks. There are 3 sticks on the top row, 5 sticks on the middle row and 7 sticks on the bottom row. You can rub out as many sticks as you like, but they have to be from the same row. You also win by making the other person rub out the last stick. What is the strategy/solution?


Can I move saved games from one XBox 360 from one to another? 

by on February 12, 2010

Q: Is it possible to hook the HDD of an Xbox 360 that has 3 flashing lights to an arcade system one, and move saved games from the drive to the other Xbox?


Will my computer run Modern Warfare 2? 

by on February 9, 2010

Q: Will my computer run Modern Warfare 2? I have a:

4GB, DDR3, 1333MHz 2 Dimm
Intel Core i7 820QM 1.73GHz (3.06GHz Turbo Mode, 8MB Cache)
ATI Mobility RADEON HD 4670 1GB


MMO causing computer to shut down? 

by on February 9, 2010

Q: While playing an MMO my computer seems to randomly shut down. The screen says no signal, but the power button is still lit and it needs to be rebooted. What causes this problem?


Cannot install Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising? 

by on February 8, 2010

Q: I bought Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and tried installing it on my computer, but it won’t recognize the disc. It works in other computers, and I’ve also tried other game discs in my computer and they work. What can I do to fix this?


How can I fix “Display driver igfx stopped responding and has recovered” errors? 

by on April 15, 2009

Q: I play World of Warcraft. I used to play it last year, quite frequently. Once in a while during gameplay the screen would freeze black but then things would resume as normal. This might happen once an hour. When I closed the game or minimized it the error bubble at the bottom on my screen would say “Display driver igfx stopped responding and has recovered”. Each time the screen goes black, that message will be there. So if it happens 5 times you have to close out that message five times.

Recently, I had taken a several month break from the game and just resumed yesterday. The freezing/black screen/igfx message is now occurring every 10 seconds. making it impossible to play without wishing I had a sledgehammer.

all the info i can find –

windows vista home premium – service pack 1 – 32 bit


intel cpu – t2250 @ 1.73GHz

display driver (?) mobile intel 945GM express chipset family

dell inspiron e1705

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When It Comes To Gaming Faster Processor Or More Cores 

by on July 25, 2008

Q: I am getting a new computer and will be using it primarily for gaming. Should I go with a 2.4GHz Quad Core processor or a 3.0GHz Dual Core?

A: When it comes to video gaming, processor speed is one of the most important factors. Most video games right now are not built to take advantage of multiple processors or multiple cores in a processor so the number of processors or cores really is not a major factor. You should be more worried about cores when you do multiple things at a time not when you are planning on putting all your computers energy into one task.

So I would say go with the 3.0GHz Dual Core processor. This will allow your computer to do all the background processing tasks on one core while your game can run quickly on the other core at a faster clock speed.


Using A Seperate Hard Drive For Your Games 

by on December 25, 2007

Q: I have two hard drives in my computer and they are the exact same size. Would it be better/faster to put my games on the opposite hard drive to the operating system hard drive?

A: From the stand point of having less programs to sort through to run your games you will notice better performance form having your games on a separate drive. If you are choosing to do this then make sure that you use the drive only for games otherwise it defeats the purpose of having two drives. Reserve this drive for only game related programs.

When you download driver updates such as DirectX download the files to your primary drive. The drivers involve your operating system more than anything else so you don’t need to put them on your game drive. This will keep the amount of superfluous programs, file fragments and unused files to a minimum.

Fortunately there are enough system diagnostic programs out there, like McAfee and Norton System Works, to maintain your drive. Be sure to run maintenance and/or diagnostic programs on your game drive just as you would your primary drive. Setting up a drive for performance means maintaining that drive more than usual. Treat your primary drive like your everyday car and your game drive like your sports car. You may not use it as often but when you do you intend to get your money’s worth.