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What are the different hard drives that you can get in a laptop? 

by on May 2, 2013

Q: I’m going to buy a custom laptop, but I need to know what kind of hard drive to get. The three kinds of hard drives are what I’m confused about. There are SSDs, RAID, and regular metal disks. Would I be right in saying that SSDs are essentially giant flash drives? The point of buying a RAID would be for backup, but couldn’t I buy an external hard drive and just back things up? I’ve read that regular disk slow down over long periods of time because the data is spread out over the disk. Wouldn’t defragmenting solve that? Really my question is whether to buy an SSD, or just a regular hard drive (I really have no need for a RAID). Thanks.


What drives should I buy for my RAID enclosure? 

by on February 16, 2013

Q: I am buying a raid enclosure that will house 4 internal hard drives, and i am looking for advice on which drives to buy. western digital vs. seagate, etc. Also, are 4TB drives more or less reliable than 3 TB? I remember reading some skepticism about the 4 TB drives when they were newly released. Thanks!


Can I setup a raid array on a system that runs Windows XP and has IDE hard drives? 

by on August 28, 2012

Q: how do you set up a raid array on a system that has XP installed already on a IDE harddrive?


How do I move files from my master hard drive to my slave hard drive? 

by on August 22, 2012

Q: how to move files from a master hard drive to a slave hard drive, and will this free space in the master drive improve my performance. This is on a HP Pavilion 523n with a 80GB master and an added 160 GB Seagate as a slave.


How do I find out if my computer shipped with Windows XP backed up on the hard drive? 

by on January 21, 2009

Q: Is there a way I can find out if Windows XP came backed up onto my hard drive? If Windows XP did come backed up onto my hard drive, how would I go about reinstalling from there?


How do I combine my hard drives? 

by on December 28, 2008

Q: I have two hard drives. One 80gigs and the other 30gigs. The thing is I have this other thing called SYSTEM_SAV (G) and it has 3 gigs of space. How can I delete this thing when I know I only have three hard drives.


New Hard Drive For My New E-Machines Computer 

by on December 5, 2007

Q: I have a brand new e-machine and I’m looking for a new hard drive but the power and IDE slots are not the same as my old hard drives or any that I can find.

A: Your new computer is probably equipped with Serial ATA hard drives. The connection on the back of the hard drive should look something like this. Serial ATA hard drives have been around for a few years and have almost completely replaced the drives your familiar with. They allow for faster data transmission and use much thinner cables.