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Can I upgrade the CPU in my HP Pavilion? 

by on June 21, 2013

Q: I have a HP Pavilion p6110y and I am interested in upgrading the cpu. I was curious in which cpus were compatible with my computer and which is the best for audio production software such as pro tools.


How do I fix a blue screen with error code 0x0000009f? 

by on May 29, 2013

Q: I have an HP Pavilion dv7636nr. I am getting a blue screen error code every time I either try to restart the laptop or shut it down. The screen stays black for a while then pops that blue screen up with the error code 0x0000009f. I have no clue how to fix this. If you have a solution I would surely appreciate it. Thanks


How come the sound on my HP Pavilion just stopped working? 

by on May 23, 2013

Q: I have an HP Pavilion DV6736nr laptop. I can’t figure out why my sound went out. It was working one day and the next just stopped. I installed Vista Business on it and it is a legitimate copy. I did all the updates for it and even tried installing the sound driver for it but still just says No Audio Output Device Installed. I can’t figure out why that is. PLEASE HELP!


How come my HP Pavilion shuts off after a while after upgrading from an Intel 5500 to a 9300? 

by on May 4, 2013

Q: hi i have a HP Pavilion Dv2500 i want to upgrade to intel 9300 processor from an intel 5500 but when i put the processor the computer turns on but stays on for a while but turn off with the 5500 dont have this problem what i should do!


What power supply do I need for my HP Pavilion and Gateway computers? 

by on March 6, 2013

Q: I have two computers that recently died. I would like to add the hard drive from my hp Pavillion m7557c to my Gateway 510 and revive them. I know I need a new power supply, as both died. They both run on windows XP. Is there a power supply that will accomodate them both and my floppy drive?The hp has small pin power connector and so does the floppy drive. Are there other problems I am going to find when I power this up?


Why does my HP Pavilion shut off when I open it all the way? 

by on March 5, 2013

Q: I have an HP Pavillion dv4 and it works perfectly fine when its halfway open…but as soon as i try to open it up completely it shuts off completely..what can i do to fix it?


How come my HP Pavilion notebook has video problems when playing Ages of Empires 2? 

by on February 25, 2013

Q: HP PAVILION g7 NOTEBOOK PC Product #: A7A44UAR#ABA : Video problem with “MS game “Age of Empires II – Conquerors”… cannot attain 1280×1024 resolution and color effects are way off. Is there a reasonable solution ?


Where can I find Windows 8 64bit drivers for my HP Pavilion dv6736nr notebook? 

by on February 20, 2013

Q: I am having a hard time trying to find Windows 8 64bit drivers for my HP Pavillion dv6736nr notebook. If anybody who can provide a link to me for drivers I would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance


How come I can only connect to the Internet if I restart my computer? 

by on January 22, 2013

Q: My computer, when booted up from being off, will not connect to the internet. It says “available” but will not connect to the internet. It will not even look for a wireless network. When I looked at my Network Adapter Driver it said “no drivers installed for this device” HERES WHERE IT GETS WEIRD. When i click “restart” it will restart normally and will be all fine. It will connect to the wifi, it will have drivers, everything works. But as soon as I turn it off again, completely off, it does it again when i start back up. How can i fix this to where I wont have to restart everytime? I have a HP Pavillion DV6 and it is running Windows 8 Pro.


Is there any easy way to fix the screen on my HP Pavilion after dropping it? 

by on November 29, 2012

Q: I’ve seen lots of these questions but – my Hp Pav Dv6 was dropped and the screen is dark.. yes I can see everything if I put light to it. Thought it was the backlight but if I hook up an HDMI and run it to the tv nothing will run thru. Im told if the ports are blown it is more then a cable needing to be reseated. Could it be the cable? Or is it more probable that I blew out the video card and probably need the mb replaced?