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How can I get another browser on my computer if the only browser I have does not work? 

by on June 29, 2011

Q: My Internet Explorer isn’t working .
I’ve been told to just download Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox but how do i do that if my Internet Explorer won’t work? Could I use the file from someone else’s computer and pass it on with a USB? Or can someone just help me fix Internet Explorer


Why does Internet Explorer keep shutting down and restarting? 

by on January 16, 2011

Q: Why does Internet Explorer keep shutting down and restarting?


Why will Internet Explorer not save my password and username on horde webmail? 

by on January 14, 2011

Q: Why will Internet Explorer not save my password and username on horde webmail?


How come Internet Explorer has disappeared from my computer? 

by on April 7, 2010

Q: I have lost Internet explorer and it appears all I have is the desktop icon and the Explorer name in the programme files. I followed a previous Ask geek question about this and got as far as going to – Start – Control panel – Internet options – and then no further as when I tried to open Internet options there was a brief screen movement as though it tried to do something then nothing? This started when I could not access the net via Internet Explorer. I can access via another browser but am puzzled as to where Int exp has gone.


How come Internet Explorer won’t run for longer than ten seconds? 

by on March 2, 2010

Q: How come Internet Explorer won’t run for longer than ten seconds?

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Is it okay to delete IE from Windows XP if I never use it? 

by on January 19, 2010

Q: I have Windows XP with IE, FireFox, and google chrome. Is it okay to delete IE as I never use?

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How can I make it so when IE opens the browser takes up the entire screen? 

by on November 13, 2009

Q: Is there a setting to change that will allow me to open new IE windows in an expanded view? Recently, all my windows open to only narrow toolbar. I have to go to view and maximize each time.


How come I get an error message saying Windows installer not found when I try to download using IE? 

by on November 13, 2009

Q: When I trying to download from Internet explorer I get an error message “windows installer not found.” How can I fix this?


How come my computer freezes when I access the Internet from home? 

by on October 24, 2009

Q: I have just brought a new Dell Studio in July 2009 with Windows Vista and about a couple of months ago it started to run slow. Every time you access the Internet it freezes and shows progamme not responding and then after a while it seems to run fine and it keeps on freezing every five to ten minutes. Even when you end task it still shows programme not responding. We took it to the shop where we brought it from and when he accessed the Internet it was running just fine and it didnt freeze. as Soon as we connected it at home it showed the same problem. Please advice.


Moving favorites from your old PC 

by on August 17, 2009

Q: I copied my IE favorites folder before restoring my PC. Now when I copy the links back to Favorites on the restored PC, the links don’t work. Is there a way to make these work even though I did not do the Export properly?

A: Generally speaking, there are two ways to restore favorites in Internet Explorer.

1. If you used File => Import and Export to backup your favorites, use the same command to restore your favorites. All of your favorites would have been saved as a single .htm file. Read the rest of this entry »

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