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How come my favicons are now grey boxes? 

by on April 6, 2012

Q: I have been using IE8 & Firefox for years & everything was working normally all bookmarks had favicons in both browsers.
I upgraded Firefox to version 10.0.2 & all the favicons disappeared leaving a grey box but the book marks still worked. Some returned when I went to the website, but not all, & there are over 1000 of them. The strange thing is it affected both IE8 & Firefox. I tried “get places” for Firefox &
“FavIconizer-1.3” for IE8 but I can’t get all back. After getting wacked by a drive buy, corrupt link in a search (thank you Acronis), I uninstalled Firefox & I’ve gone to “Chrome” & when I imported the bookmarks from IE8 they all came in with default favicons. I realize that these favicons are using several formats,ico,png etc. but they were all there before the upgage.

Since this is affecting all the browsers & started with the Firefox upgrade could something have been change in the OS (xp-home sp3) that would affect all of them ?


How come IE keeps telling me to install Javscript and Flash even though I have them installed and enabled? 

by on January 29, 2012

Q: My Javascript and Flashplayer are installed and enabled but still not be recognized on websites. How can I fix this problem. I’m using Windows XP, IE8, OS3


How do I create a inprivate shortcut on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8? 

by on January 11, 2012

Q: How do i create a inprivate shortcut on win7 w ie8?


How come I cannot install IE8 after uninstalling it on Windows 7? 

by on July 24, 2010

Q: I had some malware on my PC. I removed it and most everything was working correctly, except for IE 8. (I am running windows 7 by the way). So after searching, it seemed that removing IE 8 and reinstalling was the way to go. Removed IE 8 but when trying to install, Microsoft says I already have it. Tried system restore, and my computer will not restore to any time, I have tried several times. Doesn’t seem like anything else is wrong and Firefox works. Ideas??


Why won’t IE8 open on my computer any more? 

by on April 25, 2010

Q: Why won’t IE8 open on my computer any more? It used to work but no more. I have no problem with Firefox, Opera and Chrome but IE8 just sits there.


What is jCarousel and why do I get errors from it in IE 8? 

by on December 25, 2009

Q: I’ve started experiencing pop-up windows about something called jCarousel that apparently is causing infinite loops when I try to go to one of many website pages using Internet Explorer 8. I have no idea what jCarousel is. I have never knowingly installed it or anything that sounds like it. It does not appear as an installed program when I try Add/Remove Programs from my control panel. Spyware/ad ware detection programs do not find anything suspicious. It is not listed under services.msc

Does anyone know what is causing this, and how I can get rid of it (e.g., how I can uninstall this jCarousel, whatever it is)?


How come I get an error that my system is unstable and that JavaScript is disabled and then IE8 crashes? 

by on August 31, 2009

Q: My OS is Vista and I am using using IE8. The error on my screen states: “System is unstable, JavaScript disabled, IE crashes. Recommends IE 7.” What is the fix? Microsoft link no help.


Getting downloads to work in Vista 

by on July 28, 2009

Q: I have a new Dell running Vista and IE8. I am trying to download adobe flash but the “do you want to install program” box does not appear. I have tried other programs as well. All pop-up blockers are off and antivirus is off as well but still no luck.

A: You should try downloading FireFox. You might have to download FireFox on another computer then burn it to a disk and install it that way because it sounds like your downloads get messed up with IE8.

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