How come I cannot open web pages using IE and FireFox on WiFi? 

by on December 16, 2010

Q: Neither IE or FireFox open web pages when I connect with wifi but will open ok with my mobile (cellular)?


How do I make my internet explorer open a link in a new window? 

by on December 6, 2010

Q: How do I make my internet explorer open a link in a new window?


How come videos download instead of playing in FireFox? 

by on September 14, 2010

Q: I have Firefox 3.6.9. Whenever I click on a video picture link it is automatically downloaded to my computer by default. I want to view the video first and decide if I want to download it later by right-clinging on the picture link. How can I make Firefox let me view the video by clicking on the picture link?
I am able to do the above in Explorer 8.


How come I get an Internet Explorer script error each time I start my computer? 

by on August 23, 2010

Q: I keep getting this error every time I restart my computer.

Internet explorer script error
line 30
char 3
error- library not registered
code 0
url file://c:/program%20files/del%20supportl


How come my computer will not let any program besides Internet Explorer access the Internet? 

by on August 18, 2010

Q: I bought my sister World of warcraft so she can play with me while shes away at college but her laptop wont let any programs access the internet on her computer other then Internet explorer. we have tried everything. (turned off firewall, set firewall to accept certain programs, uninstalled virus programs, installed a different virus programs and found no viruses)

She has less then a week before she leaves and I want to get her online today!


How come Internet Explorer 7 crashes when I use a drop down? 

by on July 24, 2010

Q: I use Internet Explorer 7 at work because I cannot use Internet Explorer 8. The problem is that the browser always shuts down when I use any drop down ALL and ANY drop down menu. What can be done to fix?


How come Internet Explorer has disappeared from my computer? 

by on April 7, 2010

Q: I have lost Internet explorer and it appears all I have is the desktop icon and the Explorer name in the programme files. I followed a previous Ask geek question about this and got as far as going to – Start – Control panel – Internet options – and then no further as when I tried to open Internet options there was a brief screen movement as though it tried to do something then nothing? This started when I could not access the net via Internet Explorer. I can access via another browser but am puzzled as to where Int exp has gone.


How can I stop this “about:blank” redirection from happening? 

by on March 6, 2010

Q: I’m using IE7 with Vista. If I enter a User ID on a secure website I use then another blank window opens with “about:blank” and then that page redirects me to the page where I enter my password; However, after the about:blank page redirects me I also see that the page is not in the protected zone (status bar says “Internet | Protected Mode : Off”) while the first page I entered my userID is in the protected zone.

On the first page to the left of the http is a symbol of the site and when I am redirected to the second page to the left of the http is the blue “e” symbol instead of the secured website’s symbol. How can I stop this “about:blank” redirection from happening?


Reset Internet Explorer 

by on March 5, 2010

Q: How come Internet Explorer won’t run for longer than ten seconds?

A: Sometimes Internet Explorer acts up and wont run for many different reasons. If you are running IE7 or later then you can use the following steps to reset IE back to the default settings. Resetting IE back to default settings can solve many common problems but if you forget to uncheck the Delete Personal Settings option you will lose some or your personalization data like bookmarks so please pay attention as you go though the steps. Read the rest of this entry »


How come Internet Explorer won’t run for longer than ten seconds? 

by on March 2, 2010

Q: How come Internet Explorer won’t run for longer than ten seconds?