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How does one go about unlocking an iPhone? 

by on June 18, 2013

Q: how to unlock Iphone?


Would you recommend going with the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S4? 

by on May 15, 2013

Q: had a family member to text me last night wondering of what phone he should get,

1. iPhone
2. Samsung Galaxy S4

and was wondering if anyone could tell me on what to tell him.



How come it takes forever for my iPhone to boot after I had it jailbroken? 

by on April 8, 2013

Q: So basically what happened was that I got my iPhone jailbroken and I wanted to reset the whole phone to erase everything and I did but every time I try and turn it on it takes forever and stays at the apple logo with the loading symbol on it and it will not budge, I have absolutely no idea how to fix it and I need to use it urgently I don’t have any money to buy a new one can someone please help me,,,please ????


What extra fees are normally associated with a smart phone like a blackberry or iPhone? 

by on March 12, 2013

Q: My Father told me today that someone on the radio was selling a Black Berry, My Father has never had a black berry he only has had the old timely phone, (Flip Phone) I have had a Flip Phone, Black Berry, I Phone and know the Nokia Lumia 900 phone, My Question is from my Dad, Once he gets a black berry, What will he have to pay while using the black berry. Just wondering. any help that i can, will really help me out


Is there a way to send a truly anonymous email? 

by on March 12, 2013

Q: Hi, if I send an anonymous email (fake gmail account) from my IPhone while in airplane mode (phone line off) using a local coffee shop wi-fi, could that email be traced back to my ATT account? Again, this is not using 3G, but the wi-fi of the coffee shop and their ip address. If it can be traced, under what circumstances would ATT release the account holder information?

This is not for illegal activity purposes. Rather reporting someone to its employer for something highly discriminatory posted on his facebook without giving a chance for retaliation.

What would that employer be able to trace when they receive the email assuming again there is nothing illegal in the content of the email? Would that employer be liable to provide my name assuming they can trace it back to me?


Is there a way to print text messages from an iPhone 4? 

by on February 27, 2013

Q: I need to print a large number of text messages, including the dates of them from my iPhone 4. Is this possible? I tried to do the edit, forward option but that doesn’t include the date which is vital. Also, I don’t have a wifi printer which seems to be a popular need when I have googled this problem.


What is a touchscreen line driver? 

by on February 18, 2013

Q: What is touchscreen line driver? Like the touchcreen line driver in the iPhone and iPad? What does it do?


How come I can tether my Windows Vista computer to my iPhone 4s but I cannot get to the Internet? 

by on February 11, 2013

Q: I am trying to tether my laptop (windows vista premium) to hotspot on my iphone 4s. it will connect, but will not allow internet use, blocking the connection, possibly because it cannot idetify network, labeling it as unidentified network. Any solutions?


How come my iPhone 5 continuously downloads email? 

by on January 11, 2013

Q: My Iphone 5 continuously downloads emails over and over. It is running the battery down quickly. Is there anything to do?

I have tried a hard reset and have turned the unit off, but it does not seem to matter.

This jsut started to happen yesterday…


How can I get a voicemail that was saved from my BlackBerry onto an SD card onto my iPhone? 

by on December 5, 2012

Q: how do i transfer data on an SD card to computer or other device.

sales tech saved an important voicemail to SD on blackberry, said I could save it to my computer then to my iphone. How?