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How to fix a Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException on a Macbook Pro? 

by on May 10, 2013

Q: How to fix a Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException on a Macbook Pro ?


How can I get my Java application to talk to my IMS application? 

by on April 12, 2013

Q: I have 2 questions

1. I am required my Java application to talk to my IMS application. Can someone help with a docementation. Appserver is WAS 8.X on AIX

2. For a teller web application I have to connect a printer that will be shared by two terminal.

Cam someone help with document / POC

Thx for any response


Is it possible to develop software in JAVA that will find holes in a website to help developers fix them? 

by on February 12, 2013

Q: is it possible to design software in java to find loopholes in the websites to help the developers to fix them?if possible then how?


How to install/enable Java via Ubuntu 10.04? 

by on January 10, 2013

Q: How to install/enable Java via Ubuntu 10.04


How do I enable JIT debugging and configure my computer? 

by on May 8, 2012

Q: How do I enable JIT debugging and configure my computer?


How do I execute my own Java programs in Internet Explorer without getting security warnings? 

by on November 19, 2011

Q: Am programming in HTML & Java and when I try to execute the program, I get the following message:

To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts of ActiveX control that could access your computer – Click for Options…..

I always have to click on “Allow Blocked Content” to get everything started.

Question: How do I executed these programs without have to “Allow blocked content”


Pat Henry


Will uninstalling and reinstalling Java fix the errors I am getting? 

by on August 19, 2011

Q: I keep getting posts on my desktop as to errors. errors are pid3 , pid 4 and pid 5. they state fatal errors and are all java related. They affect a few pages and some gaming pages…ie. King. com say error on page and will not allow playing. Is it safe to uninstall and reinstall Java w/o losing anything or is there a better solution?


What is the Java function that is similar to file_get_contents in PHP? 

by on June 7, 2011

Q: What is Java’s file_get_contents command?

PHP has a way of opening a file for input which creates a handle to the file and locks the file’s access to just that handle and just that instance. PHP also has an instant way called file_get_contents, which does a “virtual file load” and loads the raw data as a string value.

Im developing a Java chat room using a text file which a precoded maximum length slightly below the true potential available.

I ran a simple applet that every 5 seconds, loaded the text of a file into a textfield. It worked fine. I then wanted to use notepad to simulate someone else sending a message. I typed data, clicked save, and notepad said the file access was denied. Considering the sheer speed of Java and the extremely remote probability that I clicked save just as the textfield was being updated, I think i did something wrong. I did make sure the file access was closed immediately after extracting all file contents line by line. Please help is there a more efficient way to do this? If i get the job at the bank, there will be millions of people trying to access one of a few databases at any given time. If 2 clients feeding off the same file every 5 seconds fails, how can I hope to share access globally? This chat program is the masterpeice of mine before I apply for the job. thanks in advance for your help. 🙂


What is the best portable reference book for Java? 

by on June 7, 2011

Q: Okay, first a bit of detail of the target experience. I have developed PHP webpages and taught myself using php.net. I would type a general keyword that I remember from other languages (such as ‘kill’ for file deletion). It would give me a list of results or lead me to the page because i used a real keyword. The page would explain the function, limits, warnings etc. then give syntax variations, plus a working example.

I am working on studying for an internship position for a company developing Java programs. I am a beginner in the language and work best when I can look things up quickly rather than trial-error or ask my supervisor questions. I have a book that lays out some basic information, but not enough. Example:

I have a text variable (string) with a value of “3”. There is a method to extract the “3” and return a numeric 3. The trick is that it’s not located in String, but in Integer! Integer.parseInt(str)

Another concern is when I am developing applets and need to refer to an object. What kind of events and properties does that object have…..

So please, is there a portable desk reference you can point me to, book, pdf, table, website etc? I want to be a reliable new employee not asking a hundred questions on syntax, available functions, properties etc. Thank you so much for helping!


How do I fix an exception Privileged instruction from JavaSrvc.exe? 

by on November 30, 2009

Q: Using an Aspire 3050 with Windows XP and the following error pops up before I even get to log into my account:

The exception Privileged instruction. (0xc0000096) occurred in the application at location 0x0061f8fb.
This error freezes the computer to the point where I can’t even click on the error to “debug” it. Help please?