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What does it mean when malwarebyte tells me I have two security hijacks? 

by on March 25, 2013

Q: I have a malwarebyte free checker I have run it about once a month . this time it said I have 2 security hijacks (?) What is that ? do I need to fix it ? the Malwarebytes tells me to click repair them restart . I do that and then retest and it stops in the same place ,same trouble . Is there something I can do ? is there a free fix.? what is the best pay fix? I have eset nod32 but I guess it got through . Help


How come I cannot connect to the Internet after running a malware program? 

by on March 19, 2012

Q: i ran a malware program, and now i cannot connect to wireless internet…shows strong signal..what happened ?


Is there any way to get rid of a malware virus called My Security Shield? 

by on July 29, 2011

Q: Is there any way to get rid of a malware virus called My Security Shield? without paying anything?


How come all my files are gone after using rkill to remove malware? 

by on March 31, 2011

Q: All my files disappeared from the desktop. The quick launch buttons are also gone. But everything else is there, like the start button and google gadgets and such. And on the desktop, all the shortcuts are still there.

I can only find my files by searching through Computer. Not all files are shown though, but I know they are still there because the space used on my local disk is still the same. But when I search for the files and try to open to folders, they appear empty.

This all happened after I got a Malware. So I used rkill to shut the malware process down. As soon as it finished, this happened.


How can I get my computer back to normal getting Animalware Doctor? 

by on December 8, 2010

Q: I just picked up a malware program (Antimalware Doctor) and it did a pretty good job of messing up my system before I was able to get rid of it. Anyway, after I deleted from my system, I am having a serious problem with Windows 7. I had to uninstall McAfee because it kept turning off, and I’ve yet to reinstall it.( I used Malwarebyte’s to get rid of the malware I had.) Now, however, whenever I boot up the computer, Windows freezes at the Desktop. I can still move the mouse, but nothing else can be done. It will work in Safe Mode, I’m just not sure what to do next…

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.


Keeping your computer secure 

by on March 30, 2010

Q: What is my best option for keeping my computer secure?

A: The best security is actually the person using the computer. Don’t download files unless you know exactly what they are and where they came from. Make sure not to visit malicious websites or give out your passwords and change your passwords often. We currently think the best software to help you is Microsoft Security Essentials. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are Rundll32.exe, sm56hlpr.exe or NetFilter.exe viruses or malware? 

by on November 23, 2009

Q: My Windows XP computer got a pop message about “new hardware not being found…” My son was playing WOW and no one was installing any hardware-or software on our end! Under Safe Mode, I’m reviewing startup tab items. Are any of these possible viruses or malware Rundll32.exe, sm56hlpr.exe or NetFilter.exe


Getting rid of Antivirus System PRO 

by on August 7, 2009

Q: How do you get rid of Antivirus System PRO?

A: Antivirus System PRO is a nasty bit of spyware/malware. You will want to read this tutorial called How to remove Antivirus System PRO rogue anti-spyware and follow their instructions. You should also take a few minutes to read the comments to the tutorial as well as there is some information in them that you might find helpful.

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How come my computer won’t run P2P programs like limewire? 

by on June 20, 2009

Q: My computer will not run any P2P programs such as limewire. I cleared the registry, ran check disk, ran virus and malware scans,titi and I don’t know what else to do. The problem just stared, it was working, so what happened and how do I fix it?


How do I remove VRT34 from my computer? 

by on March 7, 2009

Q: I have re-installed Windows after a few issues on my windows partition. Now comodo keeps telling me an app called VRT34 keeps trying to access my registry files, I keep saying no, and researched it and found out it’s malware.

I tried to install a malware removal app but it wont me install anything. I booted up in safe mode, installed, and ran several malware removers, spyware and anti-virus. They found a few things but the VRT34 is still in my registry and it wont allow me to delete it, any ideas? and if I need to do a full re-install inc formatting how do I format all my partitions?