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Will having a closed yahoo mail account affect my ability to download McAfee? 

by on March 11, 2013

Q: will a closed yahoo mail account affect downloading a McAfee program? affecting the ability to download it?


Is it safe to buy McAfee antivirus 2012 on eBay? 

by on February 2, 2012

Q: is it safe to buy mcafee antivirus 2012 on ebay ,what do you think the best way


How come I only get blank pages in Internet Explorer after upgrading McAfee? 

by on January 9, 2010

Q: I have DSL through AT&T and Linksys Router WRT54G Model. My PC has Windows XP and is a Dell. My notebook is ACER with XP. Everything was working fine until I updated MaAfee into both systems. Now my PC works fine but my wireless (ACER) doesn’t connect to the Internet properly.

I tried connecting my wireless directly into the Ethernet and the notebook says it is connected to but when I try to go to web pages using Internet Explorer all I get is a blank page. Do I need to adjust the security to get this working again?


How come my computer runs slower after a system restore and installing McAfee? 

by on December 27, 2009

Q: I Installed McAfee after professional clean of hard drive and my computer is very slow now. How can I get my computer back to its normal speed?


Should I keep Norton Antivirus or McAffee? 

by on November 21, 2009

Q: I have Norton and McAfee on my computer. Which one should I get rid of?


How come I cannot find my icons to access Microsoft Office after running MaAfee? 

by on August 30, 2009

Q: I recently used McAfee to clean up my computer ie. temp. files and stuff like that. I chose the “shredder” method for deletion. However, this time around my icons for MS Word, Excel, etc. disappeared. I can still access my current documents and can open new documents thru the existing ones, but I can’t find the icons to directly open a new file. How do I get them back?


Is it ok to uninstall updates to windows defender if I have McAfee? 

by on May 28, 2009

Q: Is it ok to uninstall updates to windows defender? I have McAfee.


How can I remove the malware virus System Security on Windows XP? 

by on January 3, 2009

Q: I have the Malware virus “System Security” on my Windows XP. I have purchased Spyware Doctor & McAffe and I can’t get rid of the virus. How can I get rid of this virus?

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How come when I run McAfee the box comes up blank? 

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I am trying to run my McAfee but when I do this the box comes up blank. I tried to re-install the programs however now it is saying that Javascript is not working properly on this PC.W hat do I do now?