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Is there anyway I can get the material needed to study for Microsoft Certifications? 

by on January 27, 2013

Q: I recently went to a place called New Horizons. They teach people so they are able to get different Microsoft Certifications. I am wondering if there is a way I can get the material, study it and do the test on my own. If you could help with any information with that I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.


Why do I get error message 80096010 saying unknown publisher and invalid digital signature when I try to download? 

by on May 31, 2011

Q: i cant download any programs including anti-virus and keep getting an error message 80096010 saying unknown publisher and invalid digital signature. I cant even use windows update. non of the fixes on Microsofts web site work.


How come only my Microsoft software can access the Internet? 

by on December 28, 2010

Q: I’m probably missing something obvious, but my computer has stopped all non-Microsoft programs from accessing the net, including firefox, skye and spotify… Just can’t connect as if there is no internet connection at all. I have tried switching off all firewalls, installing reinstalling but nothing has worked. Using Vista. Please Help!!!


What is Microsoft Intellipoint? 

by on July 28, 2010

Q: I have a disk that says Microsoft Intellipoint 5.3. What would this be for?


What are my options after losing my MS Office product key? 

by on February 11, 2010

Q: I reinstalled Windows and now cannot use Microsoft Office and I don’t know where my Certificate of Authenticity or product key is. HELP!