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What are the good websites to get movies from for my iPhone? 

by on October 10, 2011

Q: So I just bought a laptop to basically back up my iPhone and to download movies. I also bought a hard drive to transfer the movies onto it. What are some good websites to download movies from a what are some useful tips I need to know about downloading movies?


How come I can watch YouTube on my Pantech Link but not movies? 

by on May 11, 2011

Q: Is it possible to format exe. and txt. files on my Pantech Link? Also, why is it possible to watch YouTube and not movies?


How do I make an interactive movie player for my web page? 

by on April 27, 2011

Q: How do I make an interactive movie player for my web page?


Downloading streaming video feeds 

by on July 15, 2009

Q: Where do the movies I watch in Google Chrome get downloaded to? If they get saved to my computer is there any way I could extract it from that location and save it so I can watch them again later without having to download them?

A: Websites often stream audio and video so that users do not have to wait for the entire file to download before they can start watching or listening to it. The side effect is that the file is usually not actually stored on the computer at all. The computer just stores pieces of it in memory.

There are two methods that you can use to store the files on your computer. Read the rest of this entry »

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What cell phones support playing Netflix movies? 

by on July 14, 2009

Q: I need to buy a phone and I want one on that I can watch Netflix movies on. I can’t afford an iPhone, but it is the only one that I know will work. When I’m pouring through cell phone descriptions, what should I look for that will tell me for sure that I can watch Netflix movies on that particular phone?

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How come I get a codec error when I try to play movies on the Internet? 

by on June 18, 2009

Q: I cannot get movies to pay from the Internet The program says I need a codec pack. I did it and it still does not work. I am running Windows Vista Premium. I use to not have this problem a month ago. I have tried everything and did a lot of research and I am getting no where. Can anyone please help me?


How To Burn Movies To DVD In Windows 

by on March 3, 2008

Q: I cannot figure out how to burn my my downloaded movies to DVD. Can you please help?

A: I would suggest to move your movie files to your desktop so that they are readily accessible. Once they are on the desktop I would:

  1. Double-click on the My Computer icon.
  2. Double-click to select your DVD Drive.
  3. When the DVD drive opens with your disk showing, drag the files to that window.
  4. On the left panel of that window you should see an option that says “Burn this DVD.”

These steps should take care of the problem for you.